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On 12 May 99, at 14:23, Prabal sung to the tune of 'Chairman Mao:The Musical'

> The Wadd... now that is a FINE looking robot, very Katoki-Styled! Who
> designed that, and why couldn't he have designed the Turn-A?

It reminds me of a dinosaur @_@

> Actually, in retrospect, the only robot I _don't_ like out of this lineup
> is the Turn-A itself, everything else looks at least semi-beliveable...
> it's just the Turn-A that sticks out and looks totally bogus.
> -Probe

Hmm, well in that respect the Turn-A is very much like the original
Gundam ;) All blue, gold and white while the enemy had much
more beleiveable paint job. I kinda like the Turn-A Gundam design -
at least it's original :)

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