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> > T'ain't no harm in that! And don't tell me the idea of a Gundam behaving
> > like Mazinger Z doesn't make you chuckle...!
> It could have happened too. In recent radio interview, Tomino did mention
> he thought about using moustasche as a boomerang, but decided against it.

  Hee hee hee! That would have been hilarious... It does make me wonder,
now that we know about the Sumo, if the Moustache idea was entirely a
product of Tomino and not Syd...

> He made an interesting comment about Honda's P2 robot. He said, when he
> saw it, he saw hell.

  I _really_ want to know what he meant by that. I mean, he is the
godfather of the Japanese obsession with modern mecha...

> > Looks like the Lunarians dropped off three kids a few years before the
> > show starts, in a Flat Mobile Suit.
> There were multiple Flats, actually. And not all of them were pilotted by
> teenage kids. You starts to see few other Flat pilots in episodes 8 and

  I heard there were other flats, but I thought they were part of the
invasion forces.... are you saying that there were other groups of
kids/spies dropped off in Flats all over the Earth? (that makes sense if
it's true).

> > provision for equipping these kids with proper gear or communications
> Actually they did. In last week's episode, it was revealed that before
> the mission, they were forced to swallow bio degradable sensors. One of
> the Moon Race officer commented to Rolan about his sensor is starting to
> disappear.

  EEEEEWWWWW! They have sensors tied to their guts?
  I mean, does that mean that they can communicate with the moon people
'internally' or does it just mean that the lunarians can _track_ them
remotely? Wierd, but cool.
  Why would the sensors be bio-degradable? That seems a little 'counter

> > Another question: How do kids or people raised on the moon survive in
> > Earth's gravity well?
> Actually, to find that out may be their mission.

  Just to survive? Interesting. Frankly, I don't see how people raised in
1/6th gee can survive on Earth in any way shape or form.. but the fact
that these kids seemed to have no problems once they were out of their
Flat getting around on Earth seems to suggest that the Moonies MUST have
artificial gravity or something up there!

> Right now rolan's playing both sides. His loyalty is to Diana, but he
> cares about Heims and Gwen too. His wish is peaceful coexistance between
> Moon Race and locals.

  Hmm... I wonder if that's even possible.

> Anyway, I'll be looking forward to watching the show in June, when I go
> back to Japan for real. Unfortunately, I'll probably sign off from the
> list around same time though.

  Ah, too bad! We'll miss you! Will you rejoin us soon?

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