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On May 12, 1:46pm, Prabal Nandy wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn-A Gundam Specs
> > >to enforce American will and doctrine anywhere in the world! It will be a
> > >golden age of Hegemony, and all we need is the technology to replace the
> > >infantryman with the Honda P-series robots.
> > "And so ends the challenge... "
> > Come on, you've got to keep a couple of hot-shot maverick pilots
> > in storage, for when the AI Idol singer gets into a tizzy... ^_^
> Heh heh!
> You know what's really creepy? The airforce's Neural-Net self-piloted
> drone aircraft (1/6th scale prototype) was this bright red lifting-body
> shaped vehicle that looked _alot_ like the "Ghost" fighter from Macross
> Plus! I was kinda unnerved to see that!
> -Probe

Why would you be unnerved? I'll tell you what, when Honda starts putting
out Destroids or GMs I'll be dancing up and down with joy!!


"Besides, you'd have to have 20 different encryptions for 'dick' or
 they'd crack it in a day."

- Shannan, on encryption difficulties

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