Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Wed, 12 May 1999 13:49:17 -0700

> Heeey! Whaddya mean by that!?
> I look _forward_ to the day when legions of P100 robotic slaves exist to
> do my bidding, when we can replace some of these nasty grad students with
> mechanized robotic help! Think of the possibilities, think of the
> production, think of the PROFIT!

Me thnks that our favorite praying mantis has turned something of a Ferengi
praying mantis. I wonder if it is because of negative impact of the

> Seriously, we're looking at a golden age of robotics here. Already our
> air-force is seriously stating that the F-22 and A-12 will be the _last_
> manned fighters ever produced in the USA. One of our missile teams here is
> working on the next generation GLCM with a range of over 6000 miles, able
> to enforce American will and doctrine anywhere in the world! It will be a
> golden age of Hegemony, and all we need is the technology to replace the
> infantryman with the Honda P-series robots.

Still, if that happens, then you'd still need legions of mechanics and
engineers to support the legions of P-Series robots. That may be more
costly than to have actual legions of people. But you ne'er know. We could
be some P robots with Gatling Guns and Rail Guns taking on the entire world,
supporting the freedom, American.... um.... Japanese Anime style.

Y. Choe

P.S. I wonder what the final attack of those P-robots are? The Shining "P"
Attack? ;)

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