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On Tue, 11 May 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:

> Now now, come on Mark, don't get angry... we're all just having fun in
> the way that Super-Fans do while we're waiting for more information!
> T'ain't no harm in that! And don't tell me the idea of a Gundam behaving
> like Mazinger Z doesn't make you chuckle...!

It could have happened too. In recent radio interview, Tomino did mention
he thought about using moustasche as a boomerang, but decided against it.
He made an interesting comment about Honda's P2 robot. He said, when he
saw it, he saw hell.
> Okay, let's discuss the show as far as I've heard:
> Looks like the Lunarians dropped off three kids a few years before the
> show starts, in a Flat Mobile Suit.

There were multiple Flats, actually. And not all of them were pilotted by
teenage kids. You starts to see few other Flat pilots in episodes 8 and

> By that, I expect this means that the
> kids all have some mecha piloting skill (Since it seems dubious that they
> would have arrived in some sort of self-piloting MS). Now there are
> already some questions here. Why did the Lunarians send little children if
> this was supposed to be a tactical reconnaisance mission, why did not they
> send people of unquestioned loyalty, and why did they not make any
> provision for equipping these kids with proper gear or communications
> equipment?

Actually they did. In last week's episode, it was revealed that before
the mission, they were forced to swallow bio degradable sensors. One of
the Moon Race officer commented to Rolan about his sensor is starting to

 What did they expect these children to accomplish, without
> "Spilling the beans"? Exactly how were they supposed to communicate and
> inform their superiors back on the moon, and how were they supposed to
> reconnoiter the Earth if the first thing they did was get cooshy jobs at
> the closest local village?
> Possible solution: They're moles, not spies exactly. Kids are better
> infiltrators than adults.
> Another question: How do kids or people raised on the moon survive in
> Earth's gravity well?

Actually, to find that out may be their mission.

<snip, as these items are yet to be revealed, I think>

> Why are all the Lunarian 'moles' so quickly turned to the side of
> protecting Earth with the last MS on Earth?

Right now rolan's playing both sides. His loyalty is to Diana, but he
cares about Heims and Gwen too. His wish is peaceful coexistance between
Moon Race and locals.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to watching the show in June, when I go
back to Japan for real. Unfortunately, I'll probably sign off from the
list around same time though.


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