Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 12 May 1999 09:30:06 PDT

>Has anyone actually build the Turn-A? We have had a lot of speculation
>looking at web pics, (but who's built and paint it? So far its only
>shortcoming seems to be (1) need paint and (2) for some ppl mecha design.
>I want to get the Flat (so sue me!) and Wadom and Sumo (if they come out).
>It would be nice to know what I am getting.

Both models(turn-A and Flat) have photos in the new Dengeki Hobby.
The turn-A kit is just weak. Sorry. Mead must have been paid by the
sketch on this one; it needs work to me. And whats with the back legs
swiped from the Brainpowrd design?

>BTW, some of you must have got the TPM models? From the box, they look
>better than the previous ERTL kits. Especially the diecast Naboo fighter
>model. Any reports?

Very small. Goto for good reports
on all three, but they are tiny. People are complaining to Ertl
about making bigger versions of the Naboo and Droid fighters, and
the Sith starship. The quality seems to be good but nothing fab.

Mark Kai

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