Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 12 May 1999 09:21:02 -0700 (MST)

> to see lineart for a NEW 1/144 Zaku III kit above lineart for the
> upcoming Gyan kit, along with photos of the new Guncannon kit. This

  Yes! I remember hearing a while back a rumor that it was going to be the
next revival MS...

> is suprising and not; suprising in that the Zaku III was originally
> a ZZ model line kit. Not suprising in that it's a Zaku, and the name
> Zaku seems to be more popular than Gundam at Bandai these days.

  Yeah... it's kinda goofy. The Zak-III was actually one of the better ZZG
model kits, and it's still available here and there! I heard the revival
version will be the command psychommu variant or something like that.
(Green one?)
  So, of the four resurrected old designs so far, we've got two MSG kits
and two ZZG kits... interesting! I sure hope we get some 0083 stuff soon!

> Im not holding my breath...the new Palace-Athene B-club kit is
> stunning, BTW...go check it out at HLJ.

  It sure is nice....

> >Some sort of new 1/144 Katoki GUNDAM WING kit is apparently on its way.
> >The rumored EW "Early Versions" as seen in Hobby Japan? Time will tell....
> HLJ has the early Sandrock and Nataku versions with pics...

  Those are pics of the regular EW kits with the 'early add-on' parts...
perhaps the early-kits themselves may be more subtly different.

> >And finally, it appears that the next Master Grade kit may be, to the
> >shock of no one, the TYPE-100 from ZETA.

  YAR! Hoooray! Here's to gold plating!

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