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Wed, 12 May 1999 09:01:54 -0700

Michael Ip wrote:

> > But I'm probably wasting my time discussing this stuff. It seems like the
> > list members have pretty much made up their minds to piss all over the show.
> exactly why I haven't posted latey, despite the fact I now have so much time I'm
> playing FFVII *again*. I don't even fact I might even filter
> anything with Turn A in the subject with authors known to 'piss' all over it.

I've not been pissing all over the show. I personally don't like the Mecha designs
that I've seen, with the exception of the Wadd and the Sumo, but for the show
itself, I will reserve judgement until such time as I actually see some episodes.
The story itself actually seems interesting to me, though, although a bit

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