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Hey dudes! Turn-A story questions/comments at the bottom!

> Though the Minovsky Craft/Flight system doesn't reduce your mass, it
> merely generates hovercraft-like lift. More likely there's a translation
> mixup in the model box specs.

  Hrrrmmm... Oh well, it was an idea at least. Kinda woulda had that
'laputa levistone' feel, though nothing from Turn-A so far suggests that
any of these mecha (apart from the flat) can actually fly.

> Far as I've seen, the staff have declined to provide model numbers or
> specs for any of the Turn A mobile suits (aside from general height
> estimates for animator reference). I suspect these specs were made up for
> the model box.

  That might explain the errors, but the very general 'model number'
suggests to me that these may in fact be 'derived' statistics by
the Militia...

> >pilotted _itself_ to attack the Wadoms! (that bugs me).
> Once Loran gets in the cockpit, it gets off a single "warnming shot" with
> the beam rifle and then becomes immobile. Looks like some kind of
> pre-programmed reaction, akin to the original Gundam's learning computer.

  That's kinda strange... did it go immobile after the beam rifle burned
out or something? Or did it go immobile after the enemy mecha retreated?
Honestly, an "auto attack" function is not something you'd really want in
a military vehicle, unless it was deliberately programmed that way by
whoever left it in the statue.
  Isn't there a line in one of the later episodes that "The White Doll
Statue should be hid from anyone from the moon" or something like that?

> > (seriously, Turn-A doesn't sound THAT bad so far, but it's still fun to
> >make fun of the Gundam itself....)
> Thanks for the clarification. I'm honestly getting pretty bored with
> worst-case-scenario rants; thus far, the actual show is quite serious and

  Alright... we'll discuss the show in just a minute here, at least as far
as I've read on the 'net and seen as vidcaps...

> technologically consistent. (Of course, I haven't seen the resurrection of
> the Capule yet...)

  Well, the pic I've seen shows not one but at least two Capules. I was
under the impression that this was another one of those famous ZZG
one-shot-wonders, so I find it strange that there are so many just lying
around in Turn-A!

> to the blueprints and manufacturer's specs for this thing. In fact, nobody
> even knows its name - I'm curious to see when, if ever, a character will
> refer to it as the Turn A Gundam. Maybe there's a name tag on it someplace.

  I wouldn't be surprised if it goes through the entire series like the WG
mecha, just being refered to with a bunch of nicknames.

> But I'm probably wasting my time discussing this stuff. It seems like the
> list members have pretty much made up their minds to piss all over the show.

  Now now, come on Mark, don't get angry... we're all just having fun in
the way that Super-Fans do while we're waiting for more information!
T'ain't no harm in that! And don't tell me the idea of a Gundam behaving
like Mazinger Z doesn't make you chuckle...!

  Okay, let's discuss the show as far as I've heard:

  Looks like the Lunarians dropped off three kids a few years before the
show starts, in a Flat Mobile Suit. By that, I expect this means that the
kids all have some mecha piloting skill (Since it seems dubious that they
would have arrived in some sort of self-piloting MS). Now there are
already some questions here. Why did the Lunarians send little children if
this was supposed to be a tactical reconnaisance mission, why did not they
send people of unquestioned loyalty, and why did they not make any
provision for equipping these kids with proper gear or communications
equipment? What did they expect these children to accomplish, without
"Spilling the beans"? Exactly how were they supposed to communicate and
inform their superiors back on the moon, and how were they supposed to
reconnoiter the Earth if the first thing they did was get cooshy jobs at
the closest local village?
  Possible solution: They're moles, not spies exactly. Kids are better
infiltrators than adults.
  Another question: How do kids or people raised on the moon survive in
Earth's gravity well?
  Possible solution: They've got "Minofsky Gravity" or giant treadmills or
something on the moon.
  Another question: Why are the Moon-People trying to return to Earth? I
have as yet to hear _any_ reason given for this move. Why are they
determined to return to a populated sector of a relatively _un_ populated
Earth? You'd think men from the moon would be more than happy to settle in
relatively hospitable Sibera or something!

  Onward: Looks like the Gwen industrialist has been communicating
extensively with the lunar forces. Why? It doesn't seem like he wants them
to come. Who gave him his communications setup? He mentions it was a gift
of the Moon-People if I remember correctly. If so, when did they arrive to
give him this device? Is he on the side of the Militia? Is he pushing his
own agenda? Who's really supposed to be in control here?

  The Lunarians arrive, and seem to expect to encounter resistance on
Earth, after all, they send TONS of big nasty mecha and go on a rampage of
some sort, necessitating the revival of the Turn-A Gundam statue. What
triggers the 'breakup' of the statue? What did the statue look like before
it busted out to reveal the Turn-A? How did the Waldoms arrive on Earth
anyway? There must be some mighty large ships carrying them. Do any other
Flats arrive?
  Who are the militia, who is supplying them, and what do they really
think they're gonna accomplish against giant Mobile Suits? The Lunarians
_seem_ to be coming to Earth with someone's permission, at least, there's
a semblance of some diplomacy here... what's the deal really supposed to

  Why are all the Lunarian 'moles' so quickly turned to the side of
protecting Earth with the last MS on Earth? Aren't they supposed to report
to the Lunarians for debriefing or something? Why hasn't anyone shown up
to recover them? There is a line in one of the episodes where one of
the three kids is telling Rolan to fight with the Turn-A for or against
Diana-Counter, "Either Way is good". I dunno, maybe this is a lame
translation, but this seems to show an uncharacteristically blase
attitude towards warfare and possible genocide of the people on Earth! Why
are those giant 40 meter tall Waldoms having such a
hard time capturing the Gundam? Part of one of the later episodes seems to
suggest that the Turn-A's presence makes the Lunarians think that Earth
has MS, and Gwen wants them to continue to think this. However, it seems
like a culture with easy orbital space travel, mecha, and spacecraft would
have no problem simply scanning around to confirm "Nope... no MS on this
  What do we really know about the Lunarians? They seem to be ruled by a
"Queen Amaria" type character of some sort, but do we get an idea of what
the regular Lunarians are like? Why the hell does she come to Earth while
there's still a rouge unaccounted for MS running around causing Havok?
What is the deal with Diana Counter? Is their sole purpose to catch the
Turn-A or pacify Earth or what?

  And why do the Wadoms have white legs and black bodies? What is that
strange webwork thing supposed to be on their legs? (Wierd). What is that
big orange muscular looking robot called "Whaddo" on the Japanese site?
How does it help to simply 'dig up' old ancient MS when your country and
culture couldn't possibly repair its reactors, provide it with Deuterium
fuel, charge its ECAPs or maintain/repair it in any way?

  Okay... I have lots more questions but I'm too sleepy right now. My
overall opinion is of guarded optimism. The show seems to be targetting a
slightly younger audience than WG (my opinion) and really seems to be
playing up the Miyazaki style of calculated-nostalgia (Some beautiful
artwork juxtiposing high-tech robots with 1910-stylisms, I'll admit that I
like that ALOT) I'm fully prepared to accept it as a good story, but I'll
stand by my first impression that "It's just not Gundam-like" for now.
Something about it just doesn't seem very serious.

  Okay! Let's hear it! Comments? Questions? Answers?


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