Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Tue, 11 May 1999 21:06:32 -0700

> Only the Usual Suspects, who also trashed V Gundam and are now making up
> for lost time. (^_^) I've only had an immediate negative reaction to one
> series and that's G Gundam, which I fault only for being called Gundam. I
> rather like it otherwise. But, then, I'm atypical -- like the second half
> of ZZ and the first half of X.

I say let 'em all piss over it and sort it out later. As for me, I will
want to watch the show and make up my mind later. And If you are atypical,
heck, I like what I've seen of 08th MS Team (1-4) and bit of Gundam X as
well. So I guess your monopoly of liking series that the Usual Suspects
like is over.

> As for Turn A, I like what little I've seen (and heard) of it, which is
> mostly the OP and ED. I can't wait to hear the Yoko Kano OST.
> And, since
> it's a TV series, there are likely to be a lot more TOYS this time out....

And hopefully, some really bizarre mechas from a while back that will get
the upgrade kit treatment. I at least hope that the TurnA gets the 1/100
treatment. But then again, I may be mistaken in that department as well.

Y. "1/100th Scale!" Choe

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