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>I agree. I hope Bandai makes a 1/100 Turn A kit that the quality is at least
>that of the 1/100 Gudam Wing kits. I can't bring myself to buy the 1/144
>A kit yet, because the white its molded in will need painted over with a
>cleaner, brighter white and I have to get in the mood for the major paint
>it will require, since the Turn A kit will be my first try at a big paint
>job. The Turn A is excellent for a skill builder, since its not too detailed
>and it requires a paint job to look decent and is inexpensive to boot.
>have any advice or tips that I should or need to know before I start my
>major paint job? Is their a certain type of primer I should use or will any
>plastic model primer do?

putty...but if the kit is to even look good, you may have to go for the
Battle-worn look...the nice and shiny look will all the more point out its
lack of detail. hmmm....for soot marks, I generally use graphite dust, a
brush and some fixer. other thanthat, it's a good airbrush and some flat
black. then it might be good to have a first layer of either silver or
gunmetal, then the colors....then you sand the color until the first layer
comes out...or you drybrush the edges.....there are many ways...

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