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> And of course, he's got a Special Missile pre-loaded with that particle!
> Yippe! What you wanna bet that his 'finishing move' is going to be
> "Multi-Missiru RAUNCH!" Heh heh.
> (seriously, Turn-A doesn't sound THAT bad so far, but it's still fun to
> make fun of the Gundam itself....)

I agree. I hope Bandai makes a 1/100 Turn A kit that the quality is at least
that of the 1/100 Gudam Wing kits. I can't bring myself to buy the 1/144 Turn
A kit yet, because the white its molded in will need painted over with a
cleaner, brighter white and I have to get in the mood for the major paint job
it will require, since the Turn A kit will be my first try at a big paint
job. The Turn A is excellent for a skill builder, since its not too detailed
and it requires a paint job to look decent and is inexpensive to boot. Anyone
have any advice or tips that I should or need to know before I start my first
major paint job? Is their a certain type of primer I should use or will any
plastic model primer do?

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