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>> Is the Gundam Technical Manual #1 good/ useful? I can get a copy,
> Sorry, that should be Gundam Mechanics #1, I just checked HBJ for
>it.. but the question stands..

I reviewed all three Gundam Mechanics (and will review #4 just as soon as
it gets here) on this list as they came out, so you should be able to find
the answers in the Gundam ML Archive. That being said....

They aren't really books, but collections of digest-sized 6-hole punched
cards with a color picture on the front and B&W line art and specs on the
back. Each GM covers 48 mecha and are thus listed as being 96 pages, 48 in
color. Gundam Mechanics #1 covers Gundam and Gundam 0080, with a couple of
jokers: the MS-09F Dom Tropen from Gundam 0083 and the RGM-79(G) GM and
RX-79(G) Gundam from 08th MS Team.


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