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More more more bitching about Turn A. Probe writes,

> I'd be kinda delighted if it was true, it would fit in with the V-Gundam
>universe where the VG had the M-C system, though not with any of the
>subsequent AC universes where such tech simply didn't exist.

  Though the Minovsky Craft/Flight system doesn't reduce your mass, it
merely generates hovercraft-like lift. More likely there's a translation
mixup in the model box specs.

  Far as I've seen, the staff have declined to provide model numbers or
specs for any of the Turn A mobile suits (aside from general height
estimates for animator reference). I suspect these specs were made up for
the model box.

> As for Gimmicky, I've ehard that Rolaids is having a hard time piloting
>the damn thing, but I also heard that in the first episode the Gundam
>pilotted _itself_ to attack the Wadoms! (that bugs me).

  Once Loran gets in the cockpit, it gets off a single "warnming shot" with
the beam rifle and then becomes immobile. Looks like some kind of
pre-programmed reaction, akin to the original Gundam's learning computer.

> And of course, he's got a Special Missile pre-loaded with that particle!
>Yippe! What you wanna bet that his 'finishing move' is going to be
>"Multi-Missiru RAUNCH!" Heh heh.
> (seriously, Turn-A doesn't sound THAT bad so far, but it's still fun to
>make fun of the Gundam itself....)

  Thanks for the clarification. I'm honestly getting pretty bored with
worst-case-scenario rants; thus far, the actual show is quite serious and
technologically consistent. (Of course, I haven't seen the resurrection of
the Capule yet...)

> Hey, that explanation makes alot of sense, I can deal with that! Or
>perhaps the generator has variable power settings, depending on the power
>_requirement_. Or perhaps that's just it's average power, it can drop down
>lower for 'idling' or increase for "Full Combat Power" etc...

  It's probably meant as an estimate, to underscore that nobody has access
to the blueprints and manufacturer's specs for this thing. In fact, nobody
even knows its name - I'm curious to see when, if ever, a character will
refer to it as the Turn A Gundam. Maybe there's a name tag on it someplace.

  But I'm probably wasting my time discussing this stuff. It seems like the
list members have pretty much made up their minds to piss all over the show.

-- Mark

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