Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 11 May 1999 16:45:15 -0700 (MST)

> > That is pretty damn weird! Unless this thing has some sort of freaky
> >M-Field generator so that it's actually 'lighter' when its active than
> That would click with everything we've heard about this MS so far... the
> Turn A is supposed to be pretty gimmicky and Rolan's having a tough time
> figuring it out and it's supposed to be full of mystery and everything...
> this theory actually makes sense!

  I'd be kinda delighted if it was true, it would fit in with the V-Gundam
universe where the VG had the M-C system, though not with any of the
subsequent AC universes where such tech simply didn't exist.
  As for Gimmicky, I've ehard that Rolaids is having a hard time piloting
the damn thing, but I also heard that in the first episode the Gundam
pilotted _itself_ to attack the Wadoms! (that bugs me).

> > Probably "Deuterium Hydrogen Generator Capacitor Power" or something
> Oh wonderful, I can see it now... Gundam is de-evolving into Treknobabble.
> Soon, it's be the "magic particle of the week" syndrome that Rolan will have
> to use to beat the week's enemy MS. "I know, let's spray the target with
> pixie dust from the bussard collectors!" ^_^

  And of course, he's got a Special Missile pre-loaded with that particle!
Yippe! What you wanna bet that his 'finishing move' is going to be
"Multi-Missiru RAUNCH!" Heh heh.
  (seriously, Turn-A doesn't sound THAT bad so far, but it's still fun to
make fun of the Gundam itself....)

> > Wierd enough. I really hope this doesn't mean the mecha has a "Hyper
> >Mode" Bleah!
> I'm guessing that the powerplant on this thing is so foreign and alien to
> the Earthers, that this is simply the best estimate they can come up with
> for its power rating. It may have just a single, steady power output... but
> the "primitives" on Earth can't quite nail down what it is yet.

  Hey, that explanation makes alot of sense, I can deal with that! Or
perhaps the generator has variable power settings, depending on the power
_requirement_. Or perhaps that's just it's average power, it can drop down
lower for 'idling' or increase for "Full Combat Power" etc...

> > HEH HEH! That would be soemthing new, hell, I'd watch it if each week
> >the gundam pulls another "Gimmick Warhead" out of its butt, a la
> > "Oh no! It's King Wadom with his Impenetrable Concrete Armor!"
> > "Don't worry! Fire DRILLAH MISSILAH!"
> Yes, Gundam is definitely now de-evolving... we're lowering ourselves to
> Mazinger Z gimmicks... grrr...

  Heh heh heh!
  Well, there's no way Turn-A can sink this low... but even so, we're in
it for the ride!

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