Burke Rukes (wedgeantilles98@hotmail.com)
Tue, 11 May 1999 16:01:40 PDT

Probe writes,

(Regarding the weight vs. operating weight issue...)

> That is pretty damn weird! Unless this thing has some sort of freaky
>M-Field generator so that it's actually 'lighter' when its active than
>when it's not! (That might explain all the freaky grill structures behind
>its legs).
> Otherwise, it looks like it's got on the order of 11 TONS of
>equipment/fuel. Strange, that's almost a THIRD of its total mass! The
>Gundam's gun and shield _can't_ be that heavy.. can they?

That would click with everything we've heard about this MS so far... the
Turn A is supposed to be pretty gimmicky and Rolan's having a tough time
figuring it out and it's supposed to be full of mystery and everything...
this theory actually makes sense!

> Heh heh heh...
> Probably "Deuterium Hydrogen Generator Capacitor Power" or something
>similarly silly...

Oh wonderful, I can see it now... Gundam is de-evolving into Treknobabble.
Soon, it's be the "magic particle of the week" syndrome that Rolan will have
to use to beat the week's enemy MS. "I know, let's spray the target with
pixie dust from the bussard collectors!" ^_^

> > >Generator Output Estimate (Watt Convert): 27.000kw (+/- 5.000)
> > Whatever it is, it puts out anywhere from 22 to 32 megaWatts....
> Wierd enough. I really hope this doesn't mean the mecha has a "Hyper
>Mode" Bleah!

I'm guessing that the powerplant on this thing is so foreign and alien to
the Earthers, that this is simply the best estimate they can come up with
for its power rating. It may have just a single, steady power output... but
the "primitives" on Earth can't quite nail down what it is yet.

(regarding the Dog Whistle Missile ^_^)

> HEH HEH! That would be soemthing new, hell, I'd watch it if each week
>the gundam pulls another "Gimmick Warhead" out of its butt, a la
> "Oh no! It's King Wadom with his Impenetrable Concrete Armor!"
> "Don't worry! Fire DRILLAH MISSILAH!"

Yes, Gundam is definitely now de-evolving... we're lowering ourselves to
Mazinger Z gimmicks... grrr...

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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