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> >Model Number: WD-M01
> "WD" is probably "White Doll" and "M" could be anything from "Model" to

  Which makes me wonder if this silly designation was coined by the
Militia people (as if they're gonna come out with any mecha of their own!)
Hence, it's kinda a bogus model number... after all, we still don't even
know who MADE the damn thing, right? (Which is corny, since they've found
the capule and hygog, you'd think they'd be records of whoever made the

> "MS"....
> >Height: 20.0m
> Back to One Year War sizes, I see.

  Bigass mecha, ayeup! I wonder if the model is _really_ 1/144 though, or
GWEW sized?

> >Weight: 28.6t
> >Operating Weight: 17.5t
> I would expect the "operating weight" to be the higher figure, as it
> suggests a fully-loaded machine, but apparently the reverse is true here
> and "operating weight" is the base weight, and "weight" is the full weight.

   That is pretty damn weird! Unless this thing has some sort of freaky
M-Field generator so that it's actually 'lighter' when its active than
when it's not! (That might explain all the freaky grill structures behind
its legs).
    Otherwise, it looks like it's got on the order of 11 TONS of
equipment/fuel. Strange, that's almost a THIRD of its total mass! The
Gundam's gun and shield _can't_ be that heavy.. can they?

> >Generator Type: DHGCP
> were referring to a dual-overhead cam (DOHC) engine like the ones in
> Patlabor. I expect that it'll be some Star Trek style double-talk rather

  Heh heh heh...
  Probably "Deuterium Hydrogen Generator Capacitor Power" or something
similarly silly...

> >Generator Output Estimate (Watt Convert): 27.000kw (+/- 5.000)
> Whatever it is, it puts out anywhere from 22 to 32 megaWatts....

  Wierd enough. I really hope this doesn't mean the mecha has a "Hyper
Mode" Bleah!

> >Armored Material: FE Type
> toughest. Or there may be 255 levels of strength, rated in hexadecimal, in
> which case "FE" would be Level 254....

  Now that's pretty hilarious! I never would have thought of that...
though I don't believe it for a second!

  My bet is that it means "Freakin' Excellent".

> >Armament: Multipurpose Silo (Missile)
> I assume that "multipurpose" means that they can stick any kind of missile
> they want in there. HE, gas, chemical, biological, nuclear, nanotech,
> MIRV, smart, cruise, drillbit, manned, inflatable decoy, signal flare or
> maybe even just a big damn WHISTLE that'll do nothing but scare everyone....

  HEH HEH! That would be soemthing new, hell, I'd watch it if each week
the gundam pulls another "Gimmick Warhead" out of its butt, a la
  "Oh no! It's King Wadom with his Impenetrable Concrete Armor!"
  "Don't worry! Fire DRILLAH MISSILAH!"
  As for the missiles themselves, I simply don't see what the point is,
story-wise. What I mean is, you're on a world that's been blown back to
the 19th century.. those eight missiles (assuming that they even work.
They're much more likely to explode in the tubes like the Battleship
Iowa's gun turret!) will have to last you for the whole season! Unless,
magically, the "Cheek launchers" on the Wadoms happen to (Suprise Suprise)
use the same model missiles as the Turn-A.

> In real life, most power output is rated on the average, with the full
> range given in plus-or-minus terms like this.

  But you must admit, this is a HUGE range in power! I mean, what kinda
generator gives you a spec with +/- 20%? such a generator would royally


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