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> kw is MegaWatts? is that a typo? It should be either kW or MW. My
> toaster oven draws 1.400 kW. So Turn-A can power 20 toaster ovens, pretty
> hot!
> Using 32 kW and 17.5 tons, this baby can go from 0 to 60 miles/hr in 3
> minutes 17 seconds. (man I hate Imperial units)

And with that kind of power, it can easily cook up English-Muffin Pizza
enough for 120 people, assuming one slice per person... :)

This is indeed a hot machine. It can also make several slices of garlic
breads, and some small scale bready dishes.

Y. Choe, the master of english slice pizzas.

---- Attached Recipie ----

For Delicious English Muffin Slices.

2 English Muffin, sliced
Spaghetti Sauce / Pizza Sauce
String Cheese or Shredded Mozerella Cheese
Optional: Topings

Slice English Muffins, nooks and crannies side up.
Spread enough sauce to cover most of the surface of the muffin.
Cover with Cheese. Add toppings if desired.

Place in your toaster oven, and cook on high until the cheese melts and
sauce starts to boil for bit.

Remove from oven, and enjoy.
---- End Recipe ----

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