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>Looking thru Burke's Mecha Domain Update (fine work, lad!), I noticed a lack
>of specs for the Turn-A itself. For posterity, here's the specs off the
>model box:
>Model Number: WD-M01

"WD" is probably "White Doll" and "M" could be anything from "Model" to

>Height: 20.0m

Back to One Year War sizes, I see.

>Weight: 28.6t
>Operating Weight: 17.5t

I would expect the "operating weight" to be the higher figure, as it
suggests a fully-loaded machine, but apparently the reverse is true here
and "operating weight" is the base weight, and "weight" is the full weight.

>Generator Type: DHGCP

I did a double-take when I first saw this. For a moment I thought they
were referring to a dual-overhead cam (DOHC) engine like the ones in
Patlabor. I expect that it'll be some Star Trek style double-talk rather
than the real-world-with-a-twist fusion reactor. I'll be interested in
finding out what the letters actually stand for, if anything. (see below)

>Generator Output Estimate (Watt Convert): 27.000kw (+/- 5.000)

Whatever it is, it puts out anywhere from 22 to 32 megaWatts....

>Armored Material: FE Type

I doubt that this is made of iron (Fe, from the Latin "ferrum") so this is
most likely more double-talk, the Japanese equivalent of adamantium or
impervium. "FE" could mean anything they want it to mean.

One possibility is that the armor is rated from AA to ZZ, with AA being the
toughest. Or there may be 255 levels of strength, rated in hexadecimal, in
which case "FE" would be Level 254....

>Armament: Multipurpose Silo (Missile)

I assume that "multipurpose" means that they can stick any kind of missile
they want in there. HE, gas, chemical, biological, nuclear, nanotech,
MIRV, smart, cruise, drillbit, manned, inflatable decoy, signal flare or
maybe even just a big damn WHISTLE that'll do nothing but scare everyone....

>What's with the generator specs? I'd imagine that the number should be a
>comma instead of a period (to us North Americans, anyway), but what would
>the "+/-" mean? And "operational weight"?

In real life, most power output is rated on the average, with the full
range given in plus-or-minus terms like this.

As noted above, "operating weight" here seems to be the base weight.


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