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> > day there may be a series that will show GM pilots in a glorious light,
> But they aren't going to animate Blue Destiny, and that's exactly what

  Grr, yeah, you've gotta point there...

> you're asking for... I know they aren't going to because Yu looks too
> much like Irresponsible Captain Shiro, the fans would get confused.

  Heh heh heh!

> 08th MS team was supposed to be like that, Mass Produced MS
> against the Zeon war machine, but again, they screwed around too
> much with the power of love phenomenon between Shiro, and Aina.

  Well, not JUST that, but they couldn't seem to get the 'grit'. Instead,
they go off and have a bunch of totally unrealistic wacky adventures, at
times I was reminded of some of the old goofy 'action anime' from the
'70s, you know?
  Heck, the only thing gritty about 8MST (at least until the last two
episodes, and even they weren't so hot) was the opening sequence (Nice
music too). I was pretty darned dissappointed. Heck, the entire Tucson
anime audience watching it busted out laughing a couple of times it was
that bad in places (particularly the Eledore music-video episode).

> Zeon has Aces all over the place, but the Feds are armed almost
> solely with corrupt officials, and young whiny whelps in Gundams.

  Well, that's the way it comes off in all of the retoconned anime, but
the original MSG wasn't totally like that, and that's what REALLY bugs me
about the more recent Gundam retoconns. I mean, WHY do they keep
portraying the Feds as being corrupt and incompetant? My opinion is that
this is done soley so the 'hero boy' comes off looking even better. I
guess the idea is if Kou flew into battle with a cadre of tough competant
GM pilots who could kick ass as good as he could then well, he'd really
look like the pathetic whiner-boy that he was!
  But what GITS me is that in MSG Amuro flew into battle with his buddies
in Guncannons and they backed him up okay and nobody had a big problem
with that... I think they tried to capture that feel in 0083 with Keith
but he gets largely ignored! Heck, I don't think gundam EVER has another
situation where the hero-boy rides into battle with his faithful
GM-piloting companions until V-Gundam (Shrikes) and I'm not too clear on
how they perform as a team really.

> But at the beginning of this thread, South Burning never piloted
> the Prototype Powered GM, he was in the Command vehicle

  Oh... I missed the first few minutes so I never knew... so who WAS
piloting it? Was it that dude who got killed? (Can't remember the name).

> being 28, but Burning has to be closer to Synapse's age, he
> fit in perfectly to the old war-horses thing in Synapse's cabin
> the feeling I get was an prematurely gray forty year old... at

  Yeah, he definately looks to be in his 40s at least, stats be durned...

> Did anyone ever notice the more you bitch and complain, the
> more newtype potential you have, Amuro had it, Quess had it
> Camille had it, Lalah Sun had it too, even if it was the incessant

  It sounds awfully Gen-X ish, isn't it?
  I got it! NewType Power is powered by AGNST!!! Augh!

> your too late, don't kill Char rambling of hers. Char didn't complain
> but Char also never proclaimed himself a newtype, or exhibited
> aura powers, and stuff...

  He didn't seem NT in the beginning of Gundam, though it seems like lots
of exposure to powerful NTs slowly 'transformed' him as time went on... I
think in CCA he is at least a moderately powerful NT, no? After all, he
does control bits, but he seems to require an extra headset that the
NT-weeners don't need!
  But your point is well taken... NT-power seems to equate to either being
spirtually messed up, a freakazoid, or a total whiner. Maybe the NTs
without Agnst are just smart enough to stay out of the war, but definately
the NTs in the war are always trapped in adolescence... A pity for people
who "Are supposed to unify mankind with peace and understanding"!


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