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> <<
> Um, you are mistaken, I think. The above picture, I think, isn't the kit
> built stright out of the box, it looks like the first paint job the
> did, before his expert finish job. I'm no model expert, but it looks like
> he
> painted over all the details, and added them back him self. The pic is
> american standrad's kit finished without any paint, not Bandai's. I
> do
> think you are mistaken, because I have 4 kits without any paint from
> and they have tons of details. Can someone that reads Japanese, Please go
> to
> the site and tell us what it says about the picture?
> >>
> Umm Apparently you don't have all of the CCA models as quite a few lack
> amount of color detail. and what with the new pres cutting costs...And
> with doing a new model of an untested series (and rather unpopular design
> boot).. This is the unpainted model.

I take what I said back. I was in shock ^_^
I didn't know that about the CCA models. I have only built the 1/100 F91,
1/60 G Gundam and V2 Gundam, a few 1/100 Wing kits, stuff like that. Those
really didn't require too much paint to look good.

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