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> Heh! Now that you mention it, that is kinda true isn't it? Oh well, one
> day there may be a series that will show GM pilots in a glorious light,
> untill then...
> -Probe

But they aren't going to animate Blue Destiny, and that's exactly what
you're asking for... I know they aren't going to because Yu looks too
much like Irresponsible Captain Shiro, the fans would get confused.

08th MS team was supposed to be like that, Mass Produced MS
against the Zeon war machine, but again, they screwed around too
much with the power of love phenomenon between Shiro, and Aina.

Zeon has Aces all over the place, but the Feds are armed almost
solely with corrupt officials, and young whiny whelps in Gundams.

But at the beginning of this thread, South Burning never piloted
the Prototype Powered GM, he was in the Command vehicle
overseeing all of the results... Harsh Australian sunlight, post
OYW stress, and lording over Monsha, I can see the wife as
being 28, but Burning has to be closer to Synapse's age, he
fit in perfectly to the old war-horses thing in Synapse's cabin
the feeling I get was an prematurely gray forty year old... at
the very least.

Did anyone ever notice the more you bitch and complain, the
more newtype potential you have, Amuro had it, Quess had it
Camille had it, Lalah Sun had it too, even if it was the incessant
your too late, don't kill Char rambling of hers. Char didn't complain
but Char also never proclaimed himself a newtype, or exhibited
aura powers, and stuff...

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