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Mon, 10 May 1999 10:00:15 -0700 (MST)

> Monsha WAS experienced, he just wanted everyone to know it! Remember
> how Leia got so pissed with Han's arrogance while Luke played

  Yah, but Han never actively tried to get Luke _killed_! Han sorta
'looked out for the kid' and that was what I was sorta hoping for from
Monsha... like this dynamic:

        1. Kou: The Kid
        2. Burning: The absentee father-figure
        3. Monsha: The tough older brother-figure
        4. Nina: The chick next door

  See, while I was watching 0083 I was expecting the characters to 'click'
into this sort of (pretty realistic actually) social dynamic. Of course,
they fit into NO dynamic, (compare and contrast to the emminently superior
0080 series) which will always (at least to me) make 0083 a flashy but
ultimately juvenile show...

> >Instead, Monsha comes off more like a Frat-boy, going off to duel in the
> That's part of the entertainment! The fact Monsha survived is incredible,
> but it also shows there was more to Monsha than getting
> drunk and taking pictures up Nina's skirt.

  Heh heh!
  But what kinda bugged me is that instead of portraying Monsha as a
"Crazy battle-hungry furrball" or a guy who's so whacked in battle that
"Crazy Works" or something Mel-Gibson-ish, he seems to be portrayed more
as a coward in battle, and this really irks me.

> >I've ever known... hell, they don't even behave like any of the army
> >groundpounders I've ever known... they act more like high-school students.
> Were talking Gundam here, Probe. Char handed one of the most devasting

  Sigh.... You've got a point there of course... I guess nobody should
complain if it ain't realistic.

> Mobile armors ever built over to a spoiled little girl with hardly
> any experience...does this sound like ANY military stratedgy you have

  Nope! I guess "Fratboys in Mecha" should be blase by 0083, eh?

> Even throwing the whole "Newtypes are a special case" idea out the
> window, Kou pretty much got the same treatment as one; hardly
  Yeah! That bugs me too!

> realistic. Letting him fly the GP01Fb after the $@*& he pulled? There
> was a lot more stretching of realism than just Monsha, but it didnt
> hinder the enjoyment of the story...

  I guess the visual style had me _expecting_ a much more 'gritty' and
realistic show than what I got, and it was that fact that bugged me more
than anything else. If 0083 had been animated more like, say,
"Dragonhalf" then it would have made a little bit more sense! (Come on,
you know you want to see Gato "Go SD" on Kou!)

> > Compare and contrast this with how the 0083 writers made all the Zeon
> >pilots uniformly proffessional, dignified, hyper-honorable, etc...
> Nah...just because the Zeons were serious all the time doesnt make
> the Feds look stupid. It made the Zeons look like typical one-dimensional
> bad guys, but nothing more.

  Heh! Now that you mention it, that is kinda true isn't it? Oh well, one
day there may be a series that will show GM pilots in a glorious light,
untill then...


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