Mon, 10 May 1999 11:29:21 EDT

Great to have you back. And now that I have seen the Patlabor/Xabungle
wannabe called the Rib from Turn A I can say that Syd really does suck. Not
even just the standard it doesn't look "Japanese" or "Gundamish" enough, it
just doesn't even look like it would have any point or any real use. I mean
hell the Patlabor mecha look useful, this thing looks like a shell of a
former robot. I mean I can accept that things don't look like the classic
gundam look, but this is just plain stupid for ANYTHING. though I love the
Sumo. and the Transformed Flat, that looks stupid and totally unaerodynamic
at that. Though those Bi Planes actually kick Miyazaki butt!!

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