Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 10 May 1999 08:15:06 PDT

> > * Good news about MG Black Trinary Zaku-II and Dom
> > There is going to be "boxart" for these kits, instead of 3DCG like rest
> > MG, or copy of cell drawings. It will be done by Yuuji Kaida(sp?). I'm
> > not quite sure who he is, but it looks like he has done some box arts
> YUUJI KAIDA!!!!????
> YEEEAHHHHHAAAWWW! He's the guy behind some of the more fabulous 0080
>box-art, without question the best Gundam Box-arts EVER! It looks like
>Bandai is finally listening to the fans!
> Hell, if the Black Trinary comes with all the same weapons as the
>regular Zak-I AND has cool Kaida artwork on the box, I may have to buy it
>just for that!
> -Probe

Agreed! That is so beyond cool that they have Kaida doing the boxart
again. Now if only they could get Katoki to do the boxart for future MG Zeta
kits (c'mon Rick Dias!)

Mark Kai

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