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> IF that's true! IIIIFFFF!
> Remember, at least as far as I've seen, every picture of the Turn-A
>model shows it standing shock-straight up. It doesn't look like it has
>much room in its knee-areas either, I'm a little worried that this guy
>might have _very_ limited leg movement.
> As far as the rest of it goes, it seems like whatever 'enhanced
>articulation' this guy has, it comes from the excessive simplicity of the
>robot's design. I.e., there's so little detail and such plain armor
>housings that nothing actively _prevents_ motion. I'm concerned
>particularly about the feet, which seem to be connected to the back of the
>calves somehow (or else the sole is separate from the heel, wierd!).

        Maybe it poses well, but not well enough to be in battle action pose? I
don't know, I find the design a bit clunky...too clunky to be really poseable.

> Perhaps all this 'enhanced articulation' business comes from the fact
>that it has _no_ butt-armor, and hence nothing prevents the thighs from
>pointing straight back from the hips?
> -Probe

        That could be the case. but that is so....lame.

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