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Mon, 10 May 1999 16:26:22 +0800

> YUUJI KAIDA!!!!????
> YEEEAHHHHHAAAWWW! He's the guy behind some of the more fabulous 0080
>box-art, without question the best Gundam Box-arts EVER! It looks like
>Bandai is finally listening to the fans!

        I Loved his box art for the 0080 series...I liked it so ,uch I had the Dom
one blown up and printed for myself!

> Hell, if the Black Trinary comes with all the same weapons as the
>regular Zak-I AND has cool Kaida artwork on the box, I may have to buy it
>just for that!
> -Probe

        Err, doesn't that mean you have to buy three of them? I think I'll stick
to the other one, LOL!

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