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Sat, 9 May 1998 01:40:27 -0400

Greetings all. It's yet another lurker come out of hiding to make his
semi-annual post to the list :)

Mark-II writes:

>Model Number: WD-M01
>Height: 20.0m
>Weight: 28.6t
>Operating Weight: 17.5t

Yeah, what is with this? It doesn't make sense unless "Moustache" goes on
the slim fast plan before the start of the show.

>Generator Type: DHGCP
>Generator Output Estimate (Watt Convert): 27.000kw (+/- 5.000)
>Armored Material: FE Type

If I still remember my chemistry correctly, Iron???!

>Armament: Multipurpose Silo (Missile)
> Beam Rifle
> Beam Saber
> Shield
>So this time, they are bigger, and a little heavier than in W or X(but
>a lot lighter than the original MS...). The design still sucks socks,
>though. I hope that the mid-show replacement Gundam looks better!
    I too can't wait for the mid-show replacement. Though, in all honesty, I
don't mind the Turn A so much anymore. The design has definately grown on
me. It's interesting in a perverse sort of way.

>What's with the generator specs? I'd imagine that the number should be a
>comma instead of a period (to us North Americans, anyway), but what would
>the "+/-" mean? And "operational weight"?
    Overclocking? (sorry just finished oc'ing my Celery 300a). Perhaps the
generator is not very stable... As for the comma thing, I believe that in
many nations, a "spot" is used to seperate rather than a comma.

>Well, now I go to bury the model in the model crate. It the bottom. In the
>back of the closet. Ne'er to be seen again! :P
    Oh it's not that bad. It's a great looking kit; just look at those
finished pics on the site Aaron posted. It just needs some paint and love
(what model doesn't).


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