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> > standrads sure have dropped with the Turn A kit. It makes me sick too, that
> Actually it shouldn't be such a surprise. I first smelled fish when they
> labelled it as un-graded (UG?). hmm just what did they take out of a
> typical HG kit to make it UG? (oops I forgot the LMs)

  What did they take out? How about colored plastics, cool design,
details, class, taste....? I never though I'd say this, but the G-Unit
kits look like masterpieces compared to this turn-A Schlock... A matter of
fact, I haven't seen a kit so stomach-turningly bad since G-Gundam, and
even those mecha had usually some multi-colored 'plug-in' plastic detail
  I mean, I'm kinda shocked that the Turn-A doesn't have ANY YELLOW
PIECES!! Would it have killed Bandai to put a plug-in flat piece for the
shoulder area, or a plug-in piece for the crotch-pit? Hells bells, kits as
far back as CCA (how many years ago?) had even that!
  Seriously, there's a definate plummet in quality here.. one can hardly
believe this is the same company that brought us the MG-line and the
fabulous Gasaraki kits!

> >From the pix in HLJ and ~tanakuni, you can see that the poseability is
> indeed very good (partly thanks to a sensible hip box). And it can carry

  I dunno about that, I can't say it looks any more poseable than any of
the other mecha on my desk right now, such as the Gouf Custom or Sandrock
Custom... and if you look at the knees you'll note the leg never seems to
be bent more than 45-degrees... I'm worried that it doesn't have enough
clearance in there...

> the rifle at two different spots (regular trigger handle and a carrying
> handle on top of the gun) which is a small improvement. And it is

  Heck, the ORIGINAL gundam had a carrying handle on the top of the gun!
The 8MST-gundams have this too (As far as I remember) as do the MG-Gundam,
and MG-Gundam Mk.II, etc... It's nothing really unique.
  Speaking of the weapons, did you notice that this gundam, while it
doesn't _seem_ to use the Polycap hands, doesn't seem to have a
_different_ hand for the gun? It seems to have a very simple (Basic)
plug-in-slot hand! Augh! Even Z-Gundam kits had trigger-fists!

> But is it smart for Bandai to push an UG line in 1999? The big attaction
> of the UG line is, presumably, the saving of 300 Yens. So who is this

  I think it's _Bandai_ who's trying to save money and cut costs here.
They figger they'll probably sell 'almost' the same amount, but for every
color plastic they cut down they're probably halving the cost of

  You know, I'd much prefer it if Bandai would take 1% of the effort
they're spending on the PG kit line and divert it into their 'regular' kit

> Perfect! Give the kid a kit that needs a lot of painting AND show him/er
> a bunch of pictures how truly amazing it SHOULD look! Of course, if the
> kid fail to reach to high standard shomn in the posters and box arts, s/he
> can always switch to a hobbit easier on his/er self-esteem, such as

  It's a little depressing, it reminds me of those long-ago days where
when you'd buy a mecha kit, it would sometimes have a picture of the
_Garage_kit_version_ of the crappy model you just bought. That was pretty
   One expects some work is needed to make a kit look 'perfect', but a kit
shouldn't look _disgusting_ straight out of the box! I mean, sheesh, would
it have bankrupted Bandai to include just one or two extra red and yellow
'plug-in' bits for this gundam!?

> model for some MG or PG kits that clearly target adults, it's another
> thing to use some pro-quality pictures to sell toys to kids. It come
> awfully close to false advertisment in my books.

  Yeah, that is pretty damn cruel!
  Now, I think part of the problem is that the Turn-A itself is so
godawful ugly that the only way it _can_ look good is to add in all sorts
of detail that ain't really there (I.e., weathering to an extreeme!),
which is really a 'finishing move' in modelling. In the past, if you
picked up a GW kit (for example) you could be pretty sure that the model
straight out of the box with a couple stickers would look 80% close to the
model pictures on the side. With the Turn-A it's more like 40%!

> I wonder if they put an honest photo of an unpainted model on the box
> itself. Like they did with the whole 0080 line. (Mark-Kai?)

  The 0080 line was REALLY SWEET for that reason. I was just getting into
modelling at the time and those photos were LIFESAVERS! (Gelgoog, for

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