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> One more puff from the old vent: it's one thing to show a pro-finished
> model for some MG or PG kits that clearly target adults, it's another
> thing to use some pro-quality pictures to sell toys to kids. It come
> awfully close to false advertisment in my books.

I agree. That's mean to make a kit like the for a kid and it could turn kids
away from this hobby, too. Some kids like to build models, but not something
that requires almost godly painting and modelling skills. I didn't know that
is was labelled UG (UnGrade).
Sarcasm ON: It sure is ungrade!! I think the Turn A is ugly, but give the
poor Turn A a rest Bandai, they've tortured it enough by making it ugly, they
need to put it out of its misery! Or at least make it HG, to ease the Turn
A's pain. :) Sarcasm OFF.

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