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> standrads sure have dropped with the Turn A kit. It makes me sick too, that
> Bandai lowered their standrads for the Turn A, even though the Turn A is
> ugly. Maybe Bandai doesn't like the Turn A :)

Actually it shouldn't be such a surprise. I first smelled fish when they
labelled it as un-graded (UG?). hmm just what did they take out of a
typical HG kit to make it UG? (oops I forgot the LMs)

indeed very good (partly thanks to a sensible hip box). And it can carry
the rifle at two different spots (regular trigger handle and a carrying
handle on top of the gun) which is a small improvement. And it is
actually possible to reproduce the paint job that Bandai brandy about (see
~tanakuni again). So as a kit (yeah yeah the mecha sucks), it is worth
every one of those 500 big ones.

But is it smart for Bandai to push an UG line in 1999? The big attaction
of the UG line is, presumably, the saving of 300 Yens. So who is this
target consumer? Hmmm, s/he must be a kid, most likely an inexperienced
modeller. Someone who would not be able to do a fancy paintjob.
Perfect! Give the kid a kit that needs a lot of painting AND show him/er
a bunch of pictures how truly amazing it SHOULD look! Of course, if the
kid fail to reach to high standard shomn in the posters and box arts, s/he
can always switch to a hobbit easier on his/er self-esteem, such as
phonecard collecting and video games.

One more puff from the old vent: it's one thing to show a pro-finished
model for some MG or PG kits that clearly target adults, it's another
thing to use some pro-quality pictures to sell toys to kids. It come
awfully close to false advertisment in my books.

I wonder if they put an honest photo of an unpainted model on the box
itself. Like they did with the whole 0080 line. (Mark-Kai?)

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