Mark Nguyen (
Sun, 09 May 1999 19:09:10 PDT

> >Are you kidding? thats only 1 episode per ..let see... 49/3=16.3....which
> >would mean..ah ha!
> >well I SURE that you can fit 25 Min of animation into 15-20 pages :) I
> >its possible!...if the frames were an inch tall or something...
>I guess we were spared Relena's bantering, that alone would save 5 volumes
>I think, hehehe!

In typical Bon Bon fashion, they skipped significant bits of plot
development for lots of mindless mecha violence... And even the action bits
were truncated! There were a few modifications too; for example, at the end
it is ALL SIX Gundams (Eypon included) that team up together to supercharge
the twin buster rifle and take out the fortress (with a corny "TARGET
LOCK_ON!!!" line, no less).


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