Mark Nguyen (
Sun, 09 May 1999 19:05:28 PDT

> >chunk home, too. :) If anyone need tips on where to find anime stuff in
> >Japan, gimme a ring. I can probably help.
>You mean they do Internet orders for overseas customers?

I was talkig more "if you ever go there and wanna know where to find some
good anime/Gundam stuff, lemme know"...

>Just got it yesterday. I've got to have at least 1 of each, so sue me!

Me too, which is why I go tthe blasted thing.

> >-And I caught an episode of Turn-A. Well, half a one, anyway. They


>Thanks for an honest review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yer welcome!

>I don't suppose you made it to the Gundam Con? They had quite a number of
>Con-only kits there...

'Fraid not. Didn't know there was one! I only really knew of a kickass
Studio Shibli exhibit in Nara... Missed that one too, I'm afraid, but I'm
not complaining. :)


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