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>Yo, all! Mark-II is back from the land o' the rising sun, exhausted, but
>happy to have spent two weeks in Japan. Sightseeing and backpacking aside, I
>had the opportunity to take in tons of anime stuff, and take a sizeable
>chunk home, too. :) If anyone need tips on where to find anime stuff in
>Japan, gimme a ring. I can probably help.

You mean they do Internet orders for overseas customers?

>-And yes, I picked up the Turn A 1/144 kit. Ugh! Yuck! Gross! To answer a
>question on another thread here, YES, that Turn-A Gundam pic is right out of
>the box. This thing has barely more colour pieces as a garage kit! Glad I
>got it on sale. Heck, I may never assemble this ugly duck...

Just got it yesterday. I've got to have at least 1 of each, so sue me!

>-Speaking of on sale, this *may* tie in with the financial troubles Bandai
>may be experiencing. I picked up the Turn A for 450 yen (regular 500; you
>can work out the exchange), and my other kit, a 1/72 VF-19 Fire Valkyrie,
>for 3150 (regular 3500). This was from a rather backwater store though, and
>so the discount weren't that unexpected.

Well I can see new kits being discounted if supply exceeds demand (usually
for a new MG kit you'll never see them on sale as everyone is trying to get
a piece of the action), but it shouldn't be uncommon to see older kits
discounted, especially if they've been gathering dust on the shelf for some
time. The store owner would rather cash out than let the ware sit there
not earning interesting.

>-However, their PG Gundam and Zaku kits were discounted to about 9600 yen
>(from 12000)! This wouldn't be too jarring, except for the fact that I saw
>the same thing in another, downtown-Tokyo store... And both stores had
>STACKS of the models left over. What could this mean?

Supply far exceeds demand - partly because of the price range of the kit,
and how Japan is still trying to recover economically. Man, now I feel I
am not getting such a great deal ordering from HobbyLink Japan or Rainbow 10

>-And I caught an episode of Turn-A. Well, half a one, anyway. They were
>playing it in the Osaka Animate shop when I popped in. The animation is
>okay, but nothing to write home about (but didn't I just do that? Oh
>well...). The mecha designs look just like they do in the Newtype pics we've
>seen, and their animation is even worse (that big long-legged one runs
>dragging its arms behind it, almost with its knuckles on the ground!).

Oh boy. And I thought the talented animators could salvage the Mead designs
thorough the animation... FAT CHANCE!!!

>-The Turn-A itself was, well, crappy. I'd have given it a chance, but then I
>saw the end credits, which featured the protagonist of the show flying
>through space, naked...

Great, another leftover from Brain Powerd...

>The fact that they gave a 17 year-old a female voice
>actor makes things even worse... I'm skipping this one. The music was only
>half-decent for me, too.

Thanks for an honest review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>Well, that's all I can remember at this point (jet lag's getting to me about
>now). Thanks to everyone who helped out by suggesting tips & ideas for my
>trip; they turned out helpful. If anyone has any firther Japan-trip-related
>questions, I'd be happy to foeld them if I can!

I don't suppose you made it to the Gundam Con? They had quite a number of
Con-only kits there...


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