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I finally got around to reading the long-delayed Gundam the Movies VIII:
Gundam 0080 Part 2. It has the same wealth of detail that Part 1 did,
which is not surprising. What's surprising was how much of that detail
involves items printed in English, material that I can now read clearly for
the first time.

First up, the computer listing that appears when Charlie, bartender of the
Pink Elephant and Zeon spy in Libot, hacks the colony datanet looking for
the secret Federation base. Icould tell that it was a C program of some
sort, but now I can see that it's actually a debugging run against the
software they used to animate the rotating space colony scenes. (Page 21)

Then there's the readout on the parking meter. Mischa reserves a space for
the weapons van at L&L Parking for three days on 17 December 0079. Plug
that into your timeline -- it doesn't get any more official than this.
(Page 31)

Next is the "Domestic Airlines" flight announcements board at the spaceport:
JNA 102 to Ontario, NTW 205 to Francheska, TDA 505 to Ukraina and NTW 208
to Kami-Igusa. (Page 115)

I get my first really good look at Libot currency when Bernie pays for his
drink. Every script and subtitled version of 0080 that I've seen,
including the AnimeVillage commercial version, names the currency "hite"
and "kule" but the silver coins are clearly marked "H" and "C" -- not "K".
This suggests that "kule" should actually be "cool"! Should "hite" then be
"height"? (Page 128)

Trivia buffs take note: Bernie's ticket to Francheska is ticket #128740-12
and his seat assignment is A-720-52. (Page 133)

The Denis Co. Ltd., purveyor of giant balloons for parades, fiestas and
shows, shares listings with Central Hospital, The Japane Times, Lucky
Products and a Funeral Service operated by Stan Winston. (Page 148)

Al's father arrives at the spaceport at 13:25 SST -- Space Standard Time?
(Page 163)

The Alex hasn't been serviced or repaired since the encounter with the
Kampfer, as indicated by on-screen damage report. Among other things, it's
sustained damage to the left antenna and engine drain line and the right
air control intake, heat shield and hydraulics bracket. (Page 168)

But the real treasure is the Libot Times, which sells for, yes, "20 cools"
-- consumption tax included. This is the Libot Late Edition Bounty Morning
Times for Monday, 14 January 0080 -- and, by a strange coincidence, 14
January was also a Monday in 1980. That may explain why one of the stories
on the front page concerns Lech Walesa's Solidarity Party and another the
Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election in Asakusa. (Page 198)

In any case, it's clear from the coinage itself and the price mark on the
local newspaper that "cool" is the word for Libot's smallest unit of currency.

So the only question is: can you hit the heights if you've got enough cool?


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