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> >
> > You will find that the kit need a whole lot of painting to look OK, let
> Um, you are mistaken, I think. The above picture, I think, isn't the kit
> built stright out of the box, it looks like the first paint job the person
> did, before his expert finish job. I'm no model expert, but it looks like he

  I don't think so.
  The 'proof' or big clue that it's not a 'first hack paint job' is that
the feet are completely monotone red, just the way Bandai usually ships
them. If he really was priming, the first thing he'd do would be to prime
the feet properly. (One of the most annoying things about painting 1/144
Bandai kits, apart from the 8MST series, most of the new ones come with
two-piece cherry-red feet!)

  The second big clue is that you can still see seamlines here and there
on the kit (though it's hard to tell with such a small picture). Obviously
if he was prime-fitting he'd have puttied and sanded over the seams, hence
this has got to be the kit out of the box.

  It's really quite shocking how monotone the whole thing is, even the
original WG kits had plug in little yellow bits and details, and at least
the gun was molded in a different color, etc... this guy is pretty much
all white with red feet and a blue torso block. Bleah. Looks like Bandai
is trying to go back to the G-Gundam level of quality in their 1/144s.


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