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> Ahh, if you just click over the this link on the same site:
> You will find that the kit need a whole lot of painting to look OK, let
> alone the amazing appearance in those pro-finished pix.

Um, you are mistaken, I think. The above picture, I think, isn't the kit
built stright out of the box, it looks like the first paint job the person
did, before his expert finish job. I'm no model expert, but it looks like he
painted over all the details, and added them back him self. The pic is
american standrad's kit finished without any paint, not Bandai's. I really do
think you are mistaken, because I have 4 kits without any paint from Gundam
and they have tons of details. Can someone that reads Japanese, Please go to
the site and tell us what it says about the picture?

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