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> >writers seem to go out of their way to paint them as a bunch of totally
> >irresponsible obnoxious punks, seemingly just to make their flabby
> >hero-boy look nicer and nicer. What gets me about these Ace GM pilots is
> I think "colorful" would be a better term than obnoxious or stupid.


> Would they be as interesting if they were by-the-book pilots? Realistic,
> yes, but it would be boring. You need a contrast, especially with Kou and
> Kieth's attitude. Monsha was the perfect
> contrast to Kou, in some ways like Han Solo to Luke.

  See, no... this is where I disagree...
  I would have liked it if Monsha _was_ like Han, i.e., more experienced,
world-weary, grizzled, and somewhat intolerant of the 'young pup'.
Instead, Monsha comes off more like a Frat-boy, going off to duel in the
middle of a war, flying his mecha while being drunk, cowardly ordering
Kou into battle, sabotaging government equipment and nearly destroying the
Albion's only core-fighter in the middle of a combat operation... how the
HELL are we supposed to believe that this kind of man not only made it
through the military, but is an Ace GM pilot? On top of that, given their
background, there is a remarkable lack of chemistry between the Immortal
4th Platoon-mates.... other than Monsha, the rest of them seem terribly
blase. How come they never get together with Burning for beer and
carousing? In short, they behave _nothing_ like any of the military pilots
I've ever known... hell, they don't even behave like any of the army
groundpounders I've ever known... they act more like high-school students.

  Compare and contrast this with how the 0083 writers made all the Zeon
pilots uniformly proffessional, dignified, hyper-honorable, etc...
(admittedly alot of them probably WOULD be fanatics.... or would they?)
and you've got a situation where it seems that the writers deliberately
are trying to make the Feds look stupid.


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