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Sun, 09 May 1999 08:46:47 -0400 wrote:
> I agree. Most people like Gundam becase of the Mobile Suits, the good stroy,
> music, etc., but not for the Battleships. Sometimes, people forget, that no
> matter how much a battleship, could be better then a Mobile Suit, Gundam is a
> mecha show, not a battleship show. Sarcasm on: Go watch batteship movies, if
> ya want battleship action :)
> sarcasm off.
> I appreciate what we've gotten out of the Gundam series. Where would mecha
> shows be, without Gundam? I like Mazinger Z, but it we would probably have
> mecha shows like: Ultra Hyper Mazinger ZZ, Super Tetsujin 28 Hyper, Super UFO
> Killer Robo Grandizer III, etc., :)
> If it wasn't for Gundam.

  Well, to start...

  We wouldn't have had Macross, which was incorporated into Harmony
Gold's Robotech series, which in turn helped launch Japanese animation
and manga to new heights of popularity here in the United States,
quickening the pace at which said programs were translated or imported
into U.S. markets. Without it, we would've only known about Speed
Racer, Battle Of The Planets, and Star Blazers, with very few of us
actually being aware of the true origins of such shows.

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