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>I also like the Gundam 0083 score, some of which was adapted from the works
>of James Horner. I especially like the "Men of Destiny" (AKA "Oblivion")

        I like both OP, but the English cover of it really puts me on the
edge.. bad lyrics. =) Anyone wants the MP3s for them? I've ripped them off
the CDs. =)

>As to the nuclear-capable GP02, it exists (like the entire
>"it-didn't-happen" GP line) strictly as a very bad plot device, something

        If you really want an "explanation", it's probably a "hmm.. I wonder
if a Gundam can do that" kind of project. Strictly one-off.. which raise the
point: which test pilot is nuts enough to sit inside and shoot off the Mk.
82, knowing there's a fair chance that he could be wiped out by the blast?
Apparently Gato was... =)

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