Mark Kuettner (
Sat, 08 May 1999 21:22:03 PDT

> This is exactly my problem. They are supposed to be aces but the 0083
>writers seem to go out of their way to paint them as a bunch of totally
>irresponsible obnoxious punks, seemingly just to make their flabby
>hero-boy look nicer and nicer. What gets me about these Ace GM pilots is
>how unproffessional they behave! You're absolutely right, they're supposed
>to be this "Immortal Fourth Platoon" team, and yet it's hard to believe
>that they could have survived the 1YW (I mean, the GM is good but not THAT
> I chalk it up to the creators of 0083 being so incredibly pro-jion that
>they can't help but make every Fed outside their 'core characters' come
>off as obnoxious or stupid!
> -Probe

I think "colorful" would be a better term than obnoxious or stupid.
Would they be as interesting if they were by-the-book pilots? Realistic,
yes, but it would be boring. You need a contrast, especially with Kou and
Kieth's attitude. Monsha was the perfect
contrast to Kou, in some ways like Han Solo to Luke.

Mark Kai

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