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> > Well, from what MS says it sounds like those "Green Fumes" may be in
> > fact particles from the M-Craft system!
> Yeah, that's pretty consistant. Basically, when battleships scatter M
  But now that I thought of it, didn't you mention that toward the end of
the battle Gineas starts flying the Asparas again? If that's true, then
how can he fly without the M-Particle pod in one leg? When the GM hits the
pod, does the Asparas 'sink' on that side?

> Well, read again, I said the Apsaras's beam was blue, the GM fires a red
> beam so that crumbles a bit that laser theory (but that would have been

  Well, at least a red beam blast is different than the usual...

> most striking example was Blan Blutarch's Asshimar: the beam seemed to
> last a bit (but now I'm influenced by that long range beam rifle).

  Yeah, they stop using 'bursts' after the 1YW I guess!

> No, once the EZ8's done with it, the Apsaras keeps flying (or rather
> fallin) towards its own launch base, and when it finally falls in the
> mountains (this base is a shallow mountain), you hear an explosion and

  Hrmmm... I wonder how it continued flying toward the base... it almost
seems like Gineas was somehow.... still alive... guiding that thing in.

> BTW, I just figured that "base" Shiro and Aina end up in before Feds
> soldiers investigate it in the ED isn't the wrecked Fed Base but
> actually Ginias's.

  Maybe they were looking for Ginias himself!

> of the head (i.e not too near the cockpit). You wouldn't want the series
> to end with Ginias being killed by a mere GM (ang then our heroic GM
> handles Shiro's but to him and Frag triumphs over Love, quite an

  Heh heh heh.... that would be a total Probe-ending if I've ever seen
  "Now it's your turn Irresponsible Captain Shiro, and take that stupid
Zeon woman with you!" (frraaaZROOOONK! The GM slices the remains of the
EZ8 into a dozen pieces)

> > Like I said, I'm wondering if it really was a high-powered laser weapon
> No, see above for my explanation but I like that laser weapon theory,
> that might be what Gundam lacks.

  It would have been neat and different, after all, one gets bored of
"Beam this" and "beam that" and "Megabeam this" etc...

> > I agree... they're simply recolors with a bigass gun!
> Yes but that's far enough to make that variation great!
  Hey, I'm all for ANY GM variations, we don't have any yet!

> Hehehe, he's not the kind of guy you'll call a cheap gundam downgrade if
> you want to make it out alive!

  It would be cool to see this GM take on any of the 0080 or 0083 Gundams!
They wouldn't even get close!
  Heck, if they had these guys in space, Abauaku wouldn't have lasted long
at all!

> > > Yeah, mind you, the episode opens on his nose bleeding (I even think he
> > Maybe he was watching the bathing-scene from episode 2 on his little
> Or just watching 8MST 1-11 and wondering how he could lose against such
> a bunch of losers...

  Heh heh heh... "Fools! I shall triumph! Hey, I wonder if Eledore's CD is
out yet?"

> Mmm, life in MS Teams can actually be quite harsh. While Shiro and his
> pals are having fun, others have to carry hyper hammers around.

  Hah hah hah! Now that would be funny to see: Zaku with Heat Hawk versus
GM with Hyper-hammer... what a mismatch!

> Yeah, too bad again the Gouf FT didn't fight them, it could have been
> really funny.

  I can just see it, the Gouf flies by at high speed firing its gatling as
the poor GM with Hyper-Hammer takes desperate swings at at every time it
swoops too close...

> > > Those 2 Gouf FT fighting in mid air?
> > Yep, firing the big gatlings...
> Mmm, wasn't there something close to this in the previous episode?

  I don't remember hearing about the Gouf FTs firing, just the Gouf

> Yeah, the guy's a head in a jar in UC0079 (a la futurama), ruling a
> secret empire (now that's interesting: he might just be the mastermind
> behind the whole Jupiter Energy Fleet and his hand program version is
> actually a cheap ripoff of the original one, "upgraded" every two years
> or so: "Hand program 93 for Jagd Doga: sorry Keira, didn't see you
> there!").

  Heh heh heh... I can just see that, the entire Turn-A scenario is based
on a whole series of Microsoft Y3K bugs that plunge the UC continuity into
utter chaos, and have the side effect of freezing the year at 11:59pm 2999
for the next two thousand years! It would also explain why no MS work

> > Good, finally, a respectable Fed official.
> Well, Corwen, Synapse and Revil were (the 2 latter didn't make it though
> and the first vanished).

  That's what I mean... it sucks.

> > Yeah, but like most anime, the producers were too meek to bite the
> > bullet and go for 'grit'.
> That's too bad, gritty gundam's great (just have a look at some of
> Kondo's stories) and it has a very dark feeling to it.

  Yes, but someone I think Bandai thinks the Japanese audience simply
won't stand for it. They want a 'happy' war story! Bleaugh!

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