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> The fact of the matter is, of course, that there are a TON of "Space
> Battleship" Anime out there, from Yamato, to Tyler, to Galactic Heroes,
> etc etc... And there are also a ton of "Space Battleship With Mecha"
> shows, like Gundam, Gunbuster, Macross, Nadesico, etc etc... So there's
> little point in trying to 'rewrite' gundam into another genre which is
> already well-filled.
> I mean, we can easily say: "Tomino's Vision of the Newtype Future will
> naturally lead to a future destiny where three powerful 14-year old
> NewType girls with mystical powers will bust through space and time to
> save the universe: Gundam Mystical Mobile Suit Rayearth!" but what would
> the point of that be?
I think it might be interesting to see Tomino do a "GARZEY'S
WING" i.e a Gundam story with no MS. It'd give us a look at
Newtypes and their abilities when they don't have to go out and
nuke tons of enemy mobile suits and have mental breakdowns. But
then it could turn out to be rehash of X!(the Clamp one not the
Gundam series) :) Kill 'em all Tomino strikes again!

I bet Bandai would prefer a story about a wandering MS collector
who does battle with other MS collectors! Gotta catch em all! :)
Gundam Pocket! "Zeta I chose you!" Watch out for Team Zeon!

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