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> <chuckle>
> Yes, it would be an interesting concept all right. I could see a whole
> new
> series of issues raised as to whether or not Newtypes should be used as
> tools
> in a war (somehing V GUNDAM touched on, in fact, with its Angel Halo
> and the Zanscare Empire's intentions to use it to burn out every brain on
> Earth), and how those same Newtypes could view themselves. I can see
> of
> the X-Men and their campaign to make the world safer for mutants against
> enemies who wouldn't lose a beat in either destroying or exploiting them in
> this case. "Newtype Rebellion", anyone?
> However, we already have the Japanese toy industry geared for Giant Robot
> fans, so such a departure from the now-familiar MS concept may well have
> become
> disastrous. We should appreciate what we've gotten out of the Gundam
> when you consider this.

I agree. Most people like Gundam becase of the Mobile Suits, the good stroy,
music, etc., but not for the Battleships. Sometimes, people forget, that no
matter how much a battleship, could be better then a Mobile Suit, Gundam is a
mecha show, not a battleship show. Sarcasm on: Go watch batteship movies, if
ya want battleship action :)

sarcasm off.

I appreciate what we've gotten out of the Gundam series. Where would mecha
shows be, without Gundam? I like Mazinger Z, but it we would probably have
mecha shows like: Ultra Hyper Mazinger ZZ, Super Tetsujin 28 Hyper, Super UFO
Killer Robo Grandizer III, etc., :)

If it wasn't for Gundam.

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