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> >Monsha was one, and as someone mentioned, he isn't exactly a nice guy :)
> The fact that South was the lead test pilot flying the Powered GM on
> Torrington should indicate that he is an ace during OYW. I am of lesser

  Of course, we completely miss his moment of glory when he slaggs the
Godzilla of Mobile suits, and then he stits on his butt with his arm in a
cast for pretty much the rest of the series except for when he finally
gets blown up. 0083-animators prejudiced against GM pilots? Naaaah!

> opinion about the rest of the clowns brought in after Unit 2 was stolen.
> I'm surprised that they actually managed to survived OYW, and probably
> cause South lots of headache when he was their squad leader.

  This is exactly my problem. They are supposed to be aces but the 0083
writers seem to go out of their way to paint them as a bunch of totally
irresponsible obnoxious punks, seemingly just to make their flabby
hero-boy look nicer and nicer. What gets me about these Ace GM pilots is
how unproffessional they behave! You're absolutely right, they're supposed
to be this "Immortal Fourth Platoon" team, and yet it's hard to believe
that they could have survived the 1YW (I mean, the GM is good but not THAT
  I chalk it up to the creators of 0083 being so incredibly pro-jion that
they can't help but make every Fed outside their 'core characters' come
off as obnoxious or stupid!


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