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> > Paul Fields wrote:
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> > > Well don't make too sweeping a statement, Mobile Suits changed the
> > > rules of battle as they were known at the time... But my Grandfather was
> > > a Tank Destroyer in W.W.II and all they had was pickup truck with a big
> > > gun in the back of it... By the same token, the really murderous brutes
> > > in the war that could have won the war by slaughtering hordes of GMs
> > > were not Mobile Suits, hell what kind of Mobile Suit was the Elmeth, no
> > > real mobile suit technology there, the Psycommu could have been put
> > > in the back of a Musai, with hordes of MS to protect it while Bits
> > > killed as many Battleships as Char or any of the other Aces of the
> > > OYW...
> > >
> > > I know for sure it should be cheaper to build bits than Zakus, and train
> > > each Zaku's pilot... Besides losing Bits doesn't bother the Newtype as
> > > much as losing a Zaku bothers the Zak pilot....
> > >
> > > The Big Zam style I-Field could be moved into the Komusai bay of the
> > > Musai in place of the shuttle, and give it a shield, its MS can stay
> > > behind. You put enough of these Musai together and you have a damn
> > > tough line for the Feds to get through. Yes space is 3D, and you have
> > > to fight in all directions, but if someone tries to flank you, or get
> > > above behind or below you the Bits should blast them to atoms...
> > >
> > > well, its an idea.
> >
> > Yeah, but it would also shorten the OYW by several months, too. No way
> > to drag out a really popular animated series, much in the same way that
> > certain American superheroes have to be so obviously stupid that a cow
> > would put a quicker end to the fight than they do.
> >
> > I'd chalk the lack of such a strategy on the Jion side to their being
> > short on men and equipment, the Psychommu technology being relatively new,
> > and the short notice that they had before the Feddies started closing in.
> > In the end, all of this is becoming another case of "what if".
> Yep, this talk defeats the whole purpose of Mobile Suits. It would be called
> Mobile Battleship Newtype, instead of Mobile Suit Gundam :)


  Yes, it would be an interesting concept all right. I could see a whole new
series of issues raised as to whether or not Newtypes should be used as tools
in a war (somehing V GUNDAM touched on, in fact, with its Angel Halo subplot
and the Zanscare Empire's intentions to use it to burn out every brain on
Earth), and how those same Newtypes could view themselves. I can see shades of
the X-Men and their campaign to make the world safer for mutants against
enemies who wouldn't lose a beat in either destroying or exploiting them in
this case. "Newtype Rebellion", anyone?

  However, we already have the Japanese toy industry geared for Giant Robot
fans, so such a departure from the now-familiar MS concept may well have become
disastrous. We should appreciate what we've gotten out of the Gundam series
when you consider this.

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