Alex (
Thu, 6 May 1999 00:12:50 +0700

After seen some pics of turn A, I find out something that Turn A is more
like a crab. I find it after I seen the moustache things and the body of the
turn A. If anyone here had eaten a crab, you'll know what I mean because the
body of Turn A is more like crab's meat
( hehe, crab meat gundam ). Anyways about the name of turn A we all know
that grade A is good, but Turn A? It's sound to me like the worst grade, so
Syd Mead isn't wrong to name the Gundam ( cause it's the worst of all ) and
after watching 2 episodes of 0083, I realized that 0083 has the best musics
of all series, what do guys think about the music of 0083? And one more
thing, why the GPO2 is armed with a nuclear weapon which is forbidden to


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