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"Y. Choe" wrote:

> <A battleship outlined with Bits was proposed in the previous mail... Go
> read it.>
> Well... Good idea, but there are some limitations.

> 1. Weren't the Bits attached to the line? And assuming each bit was
> draining the main power, then more you have the more power drain you have.
> Of course, if the bits are indeed attached, then you have a very limited
> range for them bits.
> Of course, slice the wires, and you have more or less useless mass of junk.

Not in the case of the Emeth or the Funnels from the later periods. However,
these required a Psycommu system in order to operate, meaning that you'd need a
Newtype to use them.

> 2. Just how powerful are the newtypes? I'd assume they'd have to be fairly
> powerful to drive the bits using Psychommu (? something else?) drive.
> Lalah was a very powerful newtype at the time, surpassing both Amuro and
> Char. To drive those number of bits you are proposing would require that
> much more newtypes. And we don't know whether or not Zion has that much
> reserves of NTs....

*nods* This is a major problem. There's never been anything to say what the
maximum number of Bits or Funnels a single NT could operate, but I think the
most that we've ever seen was the 10 that the Emeth was equipped with. Most
Psycomu MSs were equipped with six to eight. Of course I could be wrong...

> 3. With that much powerdrain, can you really fit the I-field in? Also,
> what about the MS Behind the I-field? If they are using physical weapons,
> they should be fairly safe, right?
> Damn, I need to brush up on my Minovsky Physics...

Well, if you're talking something along the lines of a spacecraft, remember that
you are talking about a capitol ship rather than a MS, with the consequent
ability to carry a significantlty larger M-reactor. Therfore, they would have
the power to burn, especially if they were to possibly install a MS sized
reactor specifically to power one or two Minovsky systems.

> Minovsky Physics for Dummies Vol. 1 is really necessary right about now.. :)
> Y. Choe
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This is not actually a bad idea, though. I might actually design something
forGundamMUSH along these lines.

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