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At 07:08 PM 5/7/99 , Chien Ting Chin wrote:
>On Fri, 7 May 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
>> And what's more important, the civilian manufacturing lines for
>> "Workpods" was already in place, so it was easy for the Feds to simply
>> weapons to an existing vehicle design.
>Actually if they put a big senor array and like 12 vernier motors on a
>ball, it can be pretty formidable. Light, fast, tiny target profile in
>terms of detection and shooting, has more punch than the beam pistol of
>the GM. A Ball-Sniper should have no problem taking on a few Zak's.

You know, this kind of mindset almost sound like the folks who keep on
piling "features" onto the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. In its tortured 12+
years of developement, different head of project came and went. Each
insisted on adding his own personal touch, and the vehicle went from a
light troop carrier to a speeding vehicle with rockets and small cannon
capable of taking on a modern tank. It's a amazement that they actually
managed to salvage the project to a somewhat usable state. (For further
details, read the book "The Pentagon War
/002-5792933-5240658 )

First off, where are you going to get power for the vernier motors and
beam rifle? OK, we add a powerful fusion reactor. Ok, there isn't room
for the reactor, so we increase the diameter of the sphere. By the time
you do managed to add those feature, you actually ended up with the Big
Zam instead of the tiny speedster you have envisioned.

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