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>1. Weren't the Bits attached to the line? And assuming each bit was

        No, the Elemeth's wasn't. But some are, like the Brava Bro (IIRC).
Some had independent power.

>Char. To drive those number of bits you are proposing would require that
>much more newtypes. And we don't know whether or not Zion has that much
>reserves of NTs....

        Not to mention a lucky beam hit on the Musai will wipe out a entire
cadre of NTs. I think even the Zeon High command will blanch ar the thought
of losing so many NTs at one go. Such a "psyker" ship will be a very
tempting target.

        I'm not saying that this is a bad idea, because I don't think
dumping a NT into a specially modified suit and sending him/ her out is a
good idea too. Then again, the Elemeth's performance more than justifies its

>3. With that much powerdrain, can you really fit the I-field in? Also,
>what about the MS Behind the I-field? If they are using physical weapons,
>they should be fairly safe, right?
        The Elemeth has no I-field, IIRC. It does have "backup" beam
cannons, but no arms, etc. so I won't know whether it has beam sabers. IIRC,
an I-field is not available until 0083, on the Neo-Axis and the GP03, so in
the OYW they are non-existent.

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